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We've launched a playbook to help​ VCs source, select, and support the most exciting impact startups and help them maximise their potential. 

The MVP was built at Better Society Capital and then iterated at ImpactVC through a Playbook Working Group with >35 community members (top-tier VCs across the UK and Europe).


Key areas covered include: 

  1. Impact fundamentals

  2. Setting a firm or fund impact strategy

  3. Making impact investments assessing for impact risks and returns as well as how impact drives value

  4. Managing impact investments and helping portfolio companies leverage impact as a source of value

Fill in the form at the bottom of the page to access the playbook.


“From the perspective of generalist tech VC, the content is really rich and thought-provoking, and will definitely be of value as we continue to back more and more impact-led businesses.”  

Elodie Broad,

Head of Impact and ESG

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"The playbook feeds into the systems change role that AENU aims to play: to attract more attention and funding into impact venture capital, we need to share learnings and build capacity in the ecosystem, especially among the new generation of impact managers."

Melina Sánchez Montañés,
Investment Principal & VP Impact 

Get access to the VC Impact Playbook

Please take a moment to fill out this form. We'll redirect you to the Playbook on Gitbook, and send you an email so you have the link saved.

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