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Philipp Essl

Bio Philipp works with founders and investors who share his passion for creating solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. He loves supporting clients on their personal growth journeys, helping them tap into their full potential as leaders and building high performing teams and organisations around them.

Philipp’s coaching work is grounded in a deep understanding and slightly excessive interest in the intersection of venture building, impact, and leadership growth. He has led Big Society Capital’s impact practice and team for the last +5 years and has overseen the development of its impact approach to investing in venture. Philipp has coached founders and leaders across the venture spectrum, from pre-seed to growth stage. He has served on several renown venture building and leadership development programs, including the Harvard Kennedy School, the Forward Institute, and

Philipp’s approach to coaching is informed by a wide body of work, including Co-Active coaching framework, adult development, systems constellations, and neuroscience. His work, however, is highly tailored and always starts with each coachee’s specific needs. It centres around trust and an intimate relationship with the client, rather than a specific framework.

What coachees say “Coaching with Philipp has been transformational in several ways. He has helped me be much clearer and intentional in the way I approach team management and productivity. I am now more effective and make better use of my time. I have also worked with Philipp through challenges in my co-founder relationships. I have become more self-aware and better equipped in handling difficult conversations and setting boundaries for my own wellbeing. And finally, I have learned lots about myself that has allowed me to grow as co-founder and person. The things that deeply motivate me and the stuff that gets in my way. I now feel less anxious and stressed about myself and the pressures we are often under as founders of companies.”  Patric Fulop, Co-founder


Philipp Essl
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