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Hayley Hand

Bio Hayley believes that many of the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems can be solved through innovative solutions, founded and scaled by the VC ecosystem. She is passionate about working with founders and investors who are creating these positive changes in the world.

She specialises in supporting founders and investors to reach their potential and build a thriving team and business around them. She brings a deep understanding of what the founder and investor journey feels like with over 10 years’ experience in the VC and private equity markets. She brings this insight to the context of building and scaling a business to create impact. For over 5 years at Big Society Capital, the UK’s leading social impact investor, she has analysed the impact of hundreds of ventures from early to growth stage, supporting them to better understand and articulate their impact.

Hayley’s approach is tailored to the needs of each coachee. A common thread across her clients is creating a relaxed space for them to open up quickly. Hayley’s approach draws on her training in different coaching frameworks. She holds a Diploma in Executive Coaching from the AOEC.

What coachees say:

"The journey of starting a business comes with many, often unexpected challenges. It's a given that life outside your business venture will not just pause to let you focus on building a startup. Instead, it seems to amplify the chaos, intertwining with your business endeavours. How do I build resilience? How do I become and remain an authentic person and leader? What's the key to understanding and effectively communicating with my co-founders? And, last but not least, how do you continue to grow a business that not only thrives but also leaves a better world behind? These are some of the questions that I've been navigating through. I believe I have made great progress in finding answers and becoming the person I aspire to be. Hayley's coaching has been a vital part of this process by facilitating introspection, enabling my personal and professional growth" Max Boehnke, Co-founder


Hayley Hand
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