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Founder Impact Playbook - Register Interest

What’s this about?

We recently launched a Playbook for VCs curious about impact. This has been well received with over 800 downloads and lots of positive comments left in feedback. We now want to build something similar for founders!  

The Founder Impact Playbook will cover the guidance and resources that founders need to ensure that they are creating impact through their startups. It will also be a helpful resource for VCs in supporting founders with what’s required. 


How to get involved? 

  1. We are putting together a group of roughly 20-30 VCs that are interested in contributing. 

  2. To register interest, please complete this form

  3. We will review submissions from the 19th of May 2023. We cannot guarantee that we will consider your submission if it is submitted after this date. 

  4. If we are oversubscribed, we will select individuals based on their expertise in the area and diversity as we look to create a group that reflects the broader VC ecosystem (i.e. mix of stages, sector focus, familiarity with impact, etc.). 


What’s required?

  1. Provide feedback/comments on an early draft of the playbook via GitBook – max one day

  2. Attend 2-3 meetings to discuss feedback in detail (most likely in June/July) – likely 2-5 hours in total with some prep time 

  3. Availability from late May to early July 


What’s in it for you? 

  1. Opportunity to shape what good impact practice looks like for founders

  2. Opportunity to learn from peers about best practice in this area

  3. Recognised as a contributor (see example on VC Playbook – we reserve the right to make a final decision on inclusion to a list of contributors based on contribution throughout the process)


What happens after this consultation?

  1. We will seek input from founders directly as well

  2. We want to leverage the ImpactVC community to do this 

  3. We will ask the community to suggest proposals for how we might engage founders (e.g. a VC might offer to run a consultation with their portfolio)

  4. We will then consider these and decide the best way of engaging 

  5. This is likely to take place in Q3-Q4

  6. The final playbook will be published in Q4  

For any questions please reach out to Nick.

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