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The most important companies of the next decade are solving the world’s most pressing challenges and venture capital has a huge role to play. 

We’re a community of VC’s accelerating impact within venture. We know that impact makes good business sense, but we need the knowledge, tools and resources to do it well. Together, we will unlock the impact opportunity for venture capital. 

ImpactVC gives VCs the community and resources they need to do this, aiming to fundamentally tilt the venture ecosystem towards impact. In practice, this means we do two things:

Build a community of leaders within venture capital
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 Including VCs experienced in impact and top tier mainstream VCs who are newer to impact. This community learns together, shares insights, and fosters collaboration to accelerate impact within venture capital.

Co-develop open-source tools and products

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Community-led resources to help venture firms invest effectively for impact. From fund-level goals, to sourcing and selecting startups with an impact lens, to helping those startups scale their impact and commercial value.

Why now?

ImpactVC began at Big Society Capital, the UK’s leading investor in impact venture funds. It was here we saw the increasing interest in impact from VCs and the potential for venture-backed startups to make a huge difference to social and environmental issues whilst delivering outsized returns.


We’re in the ‘decade of purpose’ with 7x increase in funding to impact startups in the last five years. There is a growing trend across the venture ecosystem as people increasingly make choices about where they work, spend, and invest with reference to values.


But there’s a gap. To unlock the impact potential of venture capital, and help solve world problems, we need high quality resources and a community of dedicated VCs.


Enter ImpactVC, a community of VCs backing startups that are building a better world for people and planet. Our community has been involved from inception and will be taking the charge as we grow and build ImpactVC across the UK, Europe and beyond.


“Technology has huge opportunity to drive change in some of biggest problems we face in society”

- Jon Coker, Eka Ventures

Meet the ImpactVC Community

We’re a VC focused community - a mix of pioneers and beginners, including generalists and impact specialists. We are all here to learn and collaborate to bring positive change.

Over 160 community members from 120 top-tier VCs, and growing

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"We are seeing companies with huge potential to scale and develop appear in the impact venture space. At the same time, we need to better understand how to combine this potential with our generalist platform and traditional focus. ImpactVC can be vital in helping us sharing learnings, best practices and collaborate better across generalist and impact VCs.”

- Anna Skarborg, Northzone 

Our Work

We are community-led, with working groups and contributors focused on the following areas: 


Shaping how we interact and grow as a community​

VC Playbook

Fundamentals of impact in VC, to making and managing investments


Engage with courses and key learnings in impact VC 


Founding Team

  • Arfah Farooq, ImpactVC Community Manager

  • Claire Kearney, Big Society Capital

  • Douglas Sloan, Big Society Capital

  • Ellie Broad, Big Society Capital

  • Katie Fulford-Smith, Big Society Capital

  • Nicholas Andreou, Impact Edge Consulting


  • Jeremy Rogers, Big Society Capital

  • Philipp Essl, Big Society Capital

  • Erica Young, Atomico

  • Andrew Richardson, ICE Committee Member and Napo Pet Insurance

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